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UIFN Numbers

What is a UIFN Number?

By March 19, 2018November 30th, 2022No Comments

You may have seen some companies advertise a toll free number which is the same number in multiple countries. If you were considering this type of service here are some points to consider.

Firstly get the product name right – its UIFN – Universal International Freephone Number. It can also be commonly refered to as a Universal Toll Free Number

A UIFN is composed of a three-digit country code for global service application, i.e. 800, followed by an 8 digit Global Subscriber Number (GSN), resulting in an 11 digit fixed format. Although the UIFN number does appear great on paper i.e. You only need to publish one number, it does have its constraints. These may have to be considered to ensure you have the most effective solution:

  • Cost needs to be considered – UIFN Numbers can be more expensive than individual Numbers.
  • UIFN does not have the same global coverage as individual Numbers.
  • Some Countries require a different access code so you need to publish this. Good examples includeAustralia and Japan.
  • The format of the number appears In an International format so less familiar to users – 00 800
  • Access can be restricted on this number within various countries from different carriers and more so from mobile carriers. You may find some users can’t access this number from their providers vs. Individual Toll Free numbers.
  • Lead-time to implement is typically longer than individual numbers specifically 30-90 days.

When implemented correctly a UIFN Number can have does have some really useful benefits. At Inbound Numbers we always try and consult carefully with our clients and really understand what they need. We can ensure that the most suitable number type is provisioned to ensure the most effective for its given task.

There are some great forums that discuss UIFN Numbers, Universal Toll Free Numbers and we would be happy to share further details.

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