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A UK Toll Free Number is mainly referred to as a Freephone within the UK. They start with the prefix 0800 and more recently that has been expanded to include 0808. Toll free numbers/Freephone numbers enable your existing and new customers to call you Free of Charge. These Toll Free numbers can simply be call forwarded to your desired Contact Centre. They are very simple to implement, and whether you are a local UK Company or a Global business looking to expand within the UK this low cost solution can help you.

Available Numbers

  • UK Toll Free Number
  • Freephone Number
  • Local Access/City Numbers
  • UIFN Numbers

A UK Toll Free Number or Freephone Number can be used all types of services and are often used to increase sales and improve customer service. One of the obvious advantages these numbers is to give the ability for your customer to call you free of charge  Alternative numbers to Freephone include Virtual Numbers/International Local Access which are available from most cities in the UK. By far the most popular choice is London as this is one of the prestigious locations globally for businesses. UIFN Numbers (Universal International Freephone Numbers) can also be set up within the United Kingdom.

Useful Info

  • Country Dial Code  +44
  • Capital City  London
  • Population  65 Million
  • Currency  Pound Sterling

“The United Kingdom, made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland”

UK Toll Free Number

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