UIFN Number – Universal Toll Free

1 Number Multiple Countries

International Presence

Up to 50 Countries

Universal International Freephone Numbers - A UIFN Number is a single Toll Free Number that can be accessed by your customers in multiple countries. This can be diverted to your Head Office/Contact Centre and the calls are Free to your customer.

One Number
Up to 50 Countries
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Would a UIFN Number benefit your Business?

Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN Number) are a Simple & Effective way for your Company to achieve a Global Presence for your Customers.

Universal International Freephone Numbers are similar to International Toll Free/Freephone numbers. However a Universal International Freephone Number allows one Freephone number that can be accessed Free of Charge various countries that are included in this service. When correctly implemented a UIFN can decrease marketing expenditure and increase awareness effectively. Check out our Worldwide Coverage for all Inbound Number types or WorldNet Telecom for all other Services.

UIFN Number Universal Toll Free Number
Benefits of a UIFN Number
  • International presence
  • One number multiple countries
  • Centralise resources
  • Improve worldwide services
  • Enter new markets
  • Flexibility
What we can help you achieve

If you feel your business or company may benefit from a UIFN Number or any other global inbound number in order to present an international image.

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