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    Are you looking to boost collaborations in Europe? Want your business to look established in France? Well, look no further than our toll-free numbers.

    A France toll-free number often starts with the prefix 0800. France toll-free numbers allow customers to get in touch with your business without being charged for the call. These toll-free numbers can be forwarded to your main global office or call centre, providing a simple, low-cost solution for your company to gain a presence in one of the largest countries in Europe.

    France toll-free numbers allow you to manage your calls from anywhere in the world. You can appear local in France without having to find premises overseas and relocate your business, and your French customers can still contact your company should they have any questions or queries.

    The great thing about toll-free numbers in France is that they are widely recognised as “free to dial”. Incorporating them into your sales and marketing campaigns is a brilliant way to encourage prospective clients to get in touch with you, as they can relax knowing that they won’t be charged international rates for the call.

    Similarly, France toll-free numbers can help you retain loyal customers – giving them the peace of mind that they can get hold of you at any time, and at no extra cost!

    Available Numbers

    • France Toll Free Number
    • Local Access/City Numbers
    • UIFN Numbers

    A France toll-free number can be used for services, such as customer support or sales. One of the main benefits of these numbers is that the cost of the call is free to the user. Instead, the owner of the number incurs all charges – giving customers the incentive to interact with your business.
    We also support alternative numbers which include virtual numbers/international local access. These are available from most cities in France. The most popular is Paris as this is the capital and the main business hub for France.
    Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN) can also be implemented within France.

    Useful Info

    • Country Dial Code  +33
    • Capital City  Paris
    • Population  67 Million
    • Currency  Euro

    “The French Flag is blue, white and red. The French refer to the flag as ‘Tricolore’ (French for ‘three colours’)”

    French Flag - France Toll Free Number

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    As a leading supplier of France toll-free numbers, we strive to provide a solution for all businesses and pride ourselves on offering some of the most competitive tariffs around. All our toll-free numbers are quick and easy to set up, meaning you shouldn’t have to keep your French customers waiting for too long.

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