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    If you’re looking for ways to increase sales, boost online engagement and connect with your customers in Canada, toll-free numbers are here to help.

    Toll-free numbers in Canada are a much more affordable way of remarketing your company to another destination – you can test out a new market without having to relocate and train up new staff.

    But how do they work? A toll-free number in Canada allows customers to call you (on your unique toll-free Canada number) for free, when you pay a monthly tariff that will be discussed when you sign up at Inbound Numbers. For more information on the process, get in touch today.

    No matter the size of your business, you’re guaranteed to see instant benefits from a toll-free number in Canada. They give you the edge against competitors and allow you to learn more about your customers’ wants and needs, which is vital when it comes to product and service development.

    If you don’t yet have a toll-free number in Canada, you may notice you’re not getting that many calls – this could be because of the high costs. If it’s easy (and free) to get in contact with you, customers are more likely to pick up the phone.

    With online reviews being so necessary now when it comes to business – if customers have a great experience with your customer service department, they’re more likely to leave a positive review and recommend your services to friends and family.

    Toll-free numbers in Canada not only help you acquire new business, but they are also a great way to retain clientele and show you’re thankful for their support and dedication.

    Building up your reputation in Canada couldn’t be easier with Inbound Numbers. Any calls from Canada will be automatically forwarded to your call centre or device of choice, making contacting you easier than ever.

    Available Numbers

    • Canada Toll Free Number
    • Local Access Numbers
    • UIFN Numbers

    Useful Info

    • Country Dial Code  +1
    • Capital City  Ottawa
    • Population  38 million
    • Currency  Canadian Dollar

    Did you know?

    Canada has the longest coastline in the world spanning 243,000 km along the shores of 52,455 islands.

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    When putting money into a new business model, you want to go to a company you can trust.

    Here at Inbound Numbers, we pride ourselves on supplying toll-free numbers to businesses all around the world. Whether you’re in the beauty, education or health sector, give us a call today on 0330 102 5803 to talk through your potential toll-free Canada options.

    You can expect a high-quality service that doesn’t break the bank, as well as a knowledgeable team who are always on hand to pass on their expertise to help you utilise your toll-free number Canada as efficiently as possible.

    If you have any questions about toll-free numbers in Canada, what they can do for your business or how to apply, email us your questions at or fill out an online enquiry form for a speedy response from one of our team members.

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