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    International Local/Geographic Numbers are numbers which are in specific local area codes within your desired country. These numbers simply divert back to your Contact Centre/Head Office. This gives you the benefit of a local rate call cost to your customer and provides you with a locality specific business image

    Benefits of International Numbers
    • International local presence
    • Prestigious locations 
    • Centralise local resources
    • Improve worldwide services
    • Enter specific regional markets
    • Flexibility
    What we can help you achieve

    Our comprehensive portfolio of services includes local area code numbers (PSTN) in a host of countries. Many of our countries have various area codes which cover the capital and main business cities. In contrast to the International Toll Free number, a local number can be effective when aiming at a particular region and especially for marketing. Often multiple area codes are used within one country. Gain a truly local presence without all the expense of a physical presence.

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