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International Virtual Numbers

International Virtual Numbers – What are They?

By May 11, 2018November 30th, 2022No Comments

International Virtual Numbers – What are They?

Effectively an International Virtual Number allows your Business to have a Telephone number in a Country or City without having a Physical Presence.

These are typically forwarded to your Head Office which could be located on the other side of the World as an example. This greatly reduces your costs as you do not have to consider a physical presence in the given country.

There are many different types of International Virtual Numbers and the most commonly used are International Toll Free Numbers or Local Access/City Numbers. Becoming more popular are Virtual Mobile Numbers.

Ultimately the best choice of International Virtual Numbers for your Business could be based on who will be calling you. We consult with our clients and really try to understand what they are trying to achieve. At Inbound Numbers we aim to ensure the right type of number is implemented from the off for your Business.

We are currently doing some useful further research and analysis based on our client’s feedback on the best choice of numbers and we will be sharing our findings in the near future.

Many global destinations are covered and carriers are increasing services available in more and more regions. Africa over the last couple of years has seen an increase in services available.

In conclusion, there are many considerations as to whether an International Virtual Number would enhance your business. When set up correctly they can certainly have a positive impact on your worldwide Sales and Customer Services.

For FREE advice get in touch with us and we can analyse your Businesses requirements and give you expert advice.

International Virtual Numbers

International Virtual Numbers

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