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    Inbound Numbers

    Inbound Numbers has been trading in the UK since 2007. We specialise in the provision of Inbound numbers both in the UK and globally across 140 countries. Inbound numbers consist of toll-free numbers (also known as 0800 freephone numbers in the UK), International local numbers and other non-geographic based number ranges. Our team are all experts in the field of inbound numbering and have worked in the industry for decades. Our customers include SME’s, mid-range corporates and large global financial institutions.

    Our number ranges are all provided using tier 1 global telecom networks and come with a self-management portal allowing our customers to manage their own service. We provide our customers with monthly invoices in GBP, Euros, or Dollars which also details the full itemisation of all calls received.

    We pride ourselves on providing world class customer service to all our customers.

    Why global companies chose to use our Inbound Numbers:

    • Services are set up quickly with a self-manage portal
    • All regulatory requirements are followed so that you do not risk losing numbers in the future
    • Pricing is some of the lowest in the industry
    • Our invoice detail provides our customers with complete transparency
    • We have porting agreements with most carriers so that numbers are fluid and can move
    • Our staff are some of the most knowledgeable in the industry
    • We care about every single customer.

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